DIN Standard

The German Standar disation Institute DIN (‘Deutsches Institut für Normung’) is an independent platform established for standardisation in Germany and around the globe. Participating in the industrial, academic and social platforms as a whole, DIN plays an important role in supporting marketability of innovative solutions in regard of digitalisation of business and social platforms or digitalisations in the context of research projects by means of standardisation. More than 34,500 experts from industry, academia, customer protection and public service fields contribute their expertise to the standardisation projects managed by DIN . The market standards produced in result of these efforts provide specifications which encourage global trade, rationalisation, quality assurance and environmental protection, as well as security and communication. DIN was founded in 1917 and has celebrated its 100th year in 2017.

DIN Specifications or DIN SPEC is also a document that determines requirements for products, services and/or processes . In addition, unlike standards, DIN SPECs do not require full unanimous consensus or participation of all stakeholders. These are prepared by temporary bodies referred to as Workshops. DIN SPECs provide a reliable strategic tool to swiftly and easily formulate and circulate innovative solutions in the market.